“Founders of foundation are representatives of all scientific and educational organizations, including North-Eastern Federal Univeristy and Academy of Science of Republic. Initiative of foundation establishing was approved by Egor Borisov. President of region”, was said in report.

The report says that the Board of regents of the Foundation includes five people, among them there are Feodosiya Gabysheva, Deputy Prime Minister, Alexander Zhirkov, Deputy Chairman of the State Assembly of the Region, Mikhail Lebedev, Chairman of the Presidium of Scientific Center of SB RAS, Igor Kolodeznikov, President of Science Academy of Republic.

Top priority of foundation is financial and administrative support fundamental and applied research of young scientists, scientific organizations, specialists in science-based innovative businesses located in territory of region. Annually foundation will receive funding of 40 million roubles.

Foundation activity is planned to carry on 6 areas: scientific studies, academic mobility, workshops of key scientists, support of field works, support of youth scientific events, social and legal assistance of young scientists.

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