Scientific educational support fund of young scientists of Sakha Republic (Yakutia) Yakut science center SB RAN North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk Minister of professional education, training and appointment of personnel Results of All-Russian Forum of Scientific Society “EREL-2016”

Total amount of applications for conference reached 419. Heard 228 presentation.

Results of Conference Section:

Section 1. Physico-Mathematical Science:

Chairman : Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Science, Grigoriev Y.M.

Secretary : Timofeeva A.V.

Committee : PhD of Physics and Mathematics Science, Pravdin M.I., Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Science, Petuhov S.I., Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Science, professor Egorov I.E., PhD of Physics and Mathematics Science, Antonov M.U.

Winner Prokopiev Aysen Ruslanovich (PTI NEFU) Research of influence of nitrogen plazma process on characteristics of graphene oxide.

1st Place Award Argunov Vyacheslav Valerievich (ICFI SB RAS) Calculation of spectra of lightning discharge signals, propagating in a seismically disturbed waveguide.

2d Place Award Timofeev Lev Vladislavovich (ICFI SB RAS) Study of cosmic rays of high energies through recording Cerenkov light EAS.

3d Place Award Vasiliev Mikhail Semenovich (ICFI SB RAS) The state of atmospheric transparency over the region of the North-East of Russia (Yakutia), basing on data of the solar photometer for the period 2004-2014.

Certificate of appreciation:

Nogovitsin Petr Ivanovich (IPT NEFU) Investigation of the kinematics and dynamics of a rolling biconia.

Djyachkovskaya Maria Andreevna (IPT NEFU) Remote controlled WI-FI socket

Burtseva Evdokia Contstantinovna, Nogovitsina Maria Vladimirovna (IPT NEFU) Investigation of the influence of nanoparticles AU and AG on the electrical conductivity of graphene oxide.

Recommendations for publication: Works of award winners of the section.


Section 2. Engineering Science:

Chairman : Doctor of Engineering Science, Okhlopkova A.A. Secretary : PhD of Engineering Science, Petuhova E.S., Hoyutanov A.M.

Committee : Doctor of Engineering Science, Lepov V.V.,, Doctor of Engineering Science, Matveev A.I.

Winner Diyakonov Afanasi Alexeevich (INS NEFU) Engineering and investigation of a two-layer composite material based on rubber and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.

1st Place Award Koryakina Vladlina Vladimirovna (NEFU) The study of features of phase transitions of paraffin deposits in solvents of different nature

2d Place Award Capitonova Yulia Valerievna (INS NEFU) Research of friction surface of composite materials based on polytetrafluoroethylene and layered silicates

3d Place Award Vasiliev Andrey Petrovich (NEFU) Research of influence of carbon fibers and mineral filler on the tribotechnical characteristics of polytetrafluoroethylene

Certificate of appreciation:

Pavlova Valeria Valerievna (SB RAS) Effect of plasticizers on the basis of esters on frost resistance of rubbers

Hryukin Artem Andreevich (FRC NEFU) A new approach to strengthening road bridges by composite materials

Mironova Saina Nikolaevna (NEFU) Method of production of polymer-hybrid nanocomposites based on ultrahigh-molecular polyethylene.

Recommendations for publication: Timofeeva Ekaterina Nikolaevna (INS NEFU) Plasticizers for cold-resistant rubbers based on BNC.

Section 3. Science of the Earth:

Chairman : PhD of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Koroleva O.V.

Secretary : Biller A.Y.

Committee : PhD of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Kostin A.V., PhD of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Nikolaev P.N.

Winner Tomshin Oleg Anatolievich (ICFI SB RAS) Influence of forest fires on atmospheric aerosol variations in Yakutia.

1st Place Award Juravlev Anatoli Ivanovich (IGABM SB RAS) Native gold and relevant minerals in the placers of the Tyrkandinsky gold-bearing area (Aldan Shield).

2d Place Award Ivanov Victor Anatolievich (IPNG SB RAS) Conjugated numerical calculation of the temperature regime of gas pipeline and surrounding permafrost soils.

3d Place Award Kalichneva Svetlana Vyacheslavovna (IMZ SB RAS) Methods of recognition of snow cover height of remote sensing for landscape indication of frozen and thawed rocks in mountainous areas of the permafrost zone.

Certificate of appreciation: Petrov Oleg Petrovich, Kornilov Petr Valerievich, Egorov Fedor Dmitrievich (IPT NEFU) Advantages and disadvantages of moissanite as a material for jewelry inserts.

Romanova Lubov Petrovna, Illarionova Maria Georgievna (NEFU) Numerical-analytical modeling of an unsteady electromagnetic field of an inclined and vertical geological structure.

Timofeeva Maria Gavrilievna (NEFU) Use of the «Pikerita» technology for the construction of ice crossings.

Recommendations for publication: Tomshin Oleg Anatolievich (ICFI SB RAS) Influence of forest fires on atmospheric aerosol variations in Yakutia.

Sectioin 4. Medical and Life Science

Chairman : Doctor of Biological Science, Cherosov M.M.

Secretary : Filippova V.A.

Committee : Doctor of Agricultural Science, academic of SA RS(Y) Chugunov A.V., PhD of Agricultural Science, Arjakova A.P., PhD of Biological Science, Troeva E.N., PhD of Biological Science, Zakharova E.S., PhD of Biological Science, Borisov B.Z., PhD of Biological Science, Chikidova I.I., PhD of Biological Science, Tomashevskaya E.P., Doctor in Medicine, Antipina U.D.

Winner Varlamova Evgenia Victorovna (ICFI SB RAS) Research of the trend of vegetation index of Eastern Siberia by satellite data (1982-2013).

1st Place Award Pavlova Nadejda Ivanovna (YSAA) Assessment of genetic potential by marker genes of dairy productivity of simmental breed of animal stock of Austrian and local selection of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

2d Place Award Vasilieva Sayina Nikolaevna (IM NEFU) Genetic screening for carriage of the 3rd syndrome in the yakut population.

3d Place Award Egorova Nurguyana Nikolaevna, Romanova Aytalina Georgievna (INS NEFU) Helminthofauna of rodents and food of northeastern Siberia.

Certificate of appreciation:

Maximova Anastacia Anatolievna (IM NEFU) Genetic screening for the carriage of hereditary enzyme-associated methaemoglobinemia of the first type in Yakutia.

Egasov Ruslan Vladimirovich (INS NEFU) Колонок (Mustela sibirica Pallas, 1773)  in Yakutia.

Permyakov Petr Mikhailovich, Petrov Andrey Panteleymoinovich (YSAA) Introduction of a new photonics method for the external evaluation of farm animals.

Section 5. Liberal Arts:

Chairman : Doctor of Phylology, Sivtseva-Maximova P.V.

Secretary : Kysylbaikova M.I.

Committee : PhD of Phylology, Zamorshikova L.I., Doctor of Phylology, professor Efimova L.S., PhD of Phylology, Rumyansteva L.I.

Winner Maximova Nariya Evgenievna (IMLIS NEFU) Comparative analysis of the concept «Friendship» in the language consciousness of the speakers of German, English and Yakut languages.

1st Place Award Nogovitsina Alla Naumovna (ILCPNE RF NEFU) Linguistic annotation of the grammatical category (morphological) of yakut language.

2d Place Award Markova Sargilana Gavrilievna (ILCPNE RF NEFU) Poetics of Dalan’s novel «The Orphan»: the function of characters and plots based on historical legends in the plot of Nyrbachaan).

3d Place Award Gogoleva Valentina Stepanovna (IMLIS NEFU) Structural-semantic features of structures with predicates of behavior in modern English.

Certificate of appreciation:

Pavlov Stepan Stepanovich (IMLIS NEFU) Research of the factor of «northernness» for identity determining, its reflection in culture and language.

Nikitina Vera Spartakovna (FP NEFU) Audiovisual in poetics of Kruchenih A.E.

Petrova Sardaana-Kynnei Valerievna (FP NEFU) The parable beginning in the stories of Ivan Innokentiev.

Recommendations for publication: Maximova Nariya Evgenievna (IMLIS NEFU) Comparative analysis of the concept «Friendship» in the language consciousness of the speakers of German, English and Yakut languages.

Section 6. Social Science:

Chairman : PhD of Social Science, associate professor Romanova O.D.

Secretary : Matveeva T.D.

Committee : PhD of Economic Sciences, Mikhailova A.V., Doctor of Law, Gogoleva P.V., PhD of Law, Kardashevskaya L.L., associate professor, PhD of Phylosophical Sciences, Nadkin V.B.

Winner Moyakunova Anna Albertovna (Technical College NEFU) New educational concept of toys, as a method of learning the traditional culture of peoples of Yakutia.

1st Place Award Emelyantseva Maria Yurievna (IFE NEFU) Development of managerial decisions to improve the efficiency of use of current assets on the example of JSC «Yakut Bakery».

2d Place Award Efremov Andrey Nikolaevich (IP NEFU) Issues of economic development of city in the activities of Yakut City Council (1856-1868).

3d Place Award Grigoriev Vladimir Ivanovich (IL NEFU) Modern problems of law: toughening penalties for administrative and criminal offenses of traffic rules.

Certificate of appreciation:

Djyachkovski Semen Dmitrievich (IFE NEFU) Economic practicality of the market positions of LLC «Hatas pig-breeding farm».

Efremova Roxana Olegovna (IL NEFU) Counteraction against terrorism in modern conditions.

Ivanov Denis Alexeevich (branch of YSAA in Oktem) The attitude of agricultural field students of of educational institutions of RS (Y) to chosen profession (on the example of the Oktem branch of YSAA).

Section 7. Psychological and pedagogical sciences:

Chairman : Doctor of Education, professor Amanbaeva L.I. Deputy of chairman: PhD of Education, associate professor Tovarisheva F.D.

Secretary : Sorochinsky M.A.

Committee : Doctor of Psycology, professor Okoneshnikova A.P., PhD of Education, associate professor, Nikonova N.I., PhD of Education, associate professor, Parfenov E.A., Senior Lecturer, Gotovtseva N.G.

Winner Dolgunova Tuyara Arkadievna (INS NEFU) Technique of using space images in geography lessons with solving real problems

1st Place Award Semenova Dayana Mikhailovna (TTI NEFU) Characteristics of subjective disengagement of underage mothers.

2d Place Award Potapova Evgeniya Arturovna (FP NEFU) Methods and techniques of teaching the theory of literature in extracurricular classes.

3d Place Award Maltsev Baidam Afanasievich (FRC NEFU) 3D modeling of street intersections of Yakutsk for training of traffic rules (SDA).

Certificate of appreciation:

Chekurova Anastacia Yurievna (TTI NEFU) Development of self-management in a student group.

Gradinar Ekaterina Vasilievna (IP NEFU) Aggressiveness as a factor of misadaptation of employees of UFSIN.

Neustroeva Sardana Nikolaevna (INS NEFU) Methodology of conducting didactic games in biology classes.

Recommendations for publication:

Dolgunova Tuyara Arkadievna (INS NEFU) Technique of using space images in geography lessons with solving real problems.

Results of intellectual game “What? Where? When?”:

Totally 7 teams took part in game. There were teams of IBPK SB RAS, ICFI SB RAS, IPNG SB RAS, YSAA, several teams of NEFU.

1st place — “ICFI” (ICFI SB RAS)

2d place — “Unstoppable” (NEFU)

3d place — “Spectrum” (IPNG SB RAS Host of the game : Milyukov Oleg Borisovich

Results of quest game:

Totally 11 teams (57 people) took part in game

1st place — “RLI”

2d place — “Trump”

3d place — “Codered” Quest game was held by SSS NEFU

Secretary of conference: Grigorieva N.S.

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